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3 Super easy mouth-watering Burger recipes to make at home

Hey folks, if you are European or American, I think you will be super delighted with the recipes below. If you are Indian or Asian, I request you to please add fresh green chili or red chili powder (according to your preference) to the marinates of the burger patties or the burger patty itself (as in case of the veg burger) and you are good to go :))

Indian fusion Veggie/ Vegan Burger

total time: 45 min

home made delicious indian fusion vegan and veggie burger with summer salad

If you have some spinach, peas, potatoes, coriander and cashews, and some basic Indian spices like turmeric, chili and garam masala, you can put together quite a decent burger patty. Using the following recipe of one of my favourite Indian appetizers by Hebbar's Kitchen and made a big Burger Patty:

In the above recipe, I skipped the paneer (non-vegan folks: you can also add grated gouda). Instead of cornflour, I used whole wheat flour to coat the patties. Also, instead of breadcrumbs for coating, I used semolina.

yummy vegetarian and vegan Indian burger patty with mint and tamarind sauce

*And yes, I added some ginger-garlic paste, which is not mentioned in the recipe.

As the patty was being made, the burger buns were heated in the oven at 200 degrees for 10 minutes.

Later I served it by topping with readymade sweet and sour tamarind sauce and fresh mint leaves.

Classic Chicken Burger

Total Time: 25 minutes

easy and yummy classic home made chicken burger

It turned out to be almost a 15 minute recipe, since we did not find normal chicken in the supermarket. Only a marinated one was available :) So, all we had to so was cook it on the pan and place it in the burger.

I followed the recipe by Chelsea (like always, I don't know her, I found her recipe on google;)) . Her burger- sauce is the star of the show:

This is one highly recommended chicken burger folks! It was so good, that each of us ended up eating almost half a kilo of chicken. yikes!! :) :)

German-Indian Tandoori Pulled Salmon Burger

Total time: 30 - 45 minutes

delicious tandoori pulled salmon burger with honey mustard dill and cream cheese sauce

Indian, because I soaked the fish fillets in the left-over tandoori marinate of my chicken. (don't worry, if you have the ingredients, whisking together a tandoori marinate takes just 5 minutes). The recipe I used for the marinate:

And then fish-fillets (250 gram) were grilled for 15-25 minutes. This amount makes about 4 medium sized burgers. Once ready, they were flaked with a fork.

The burger buns we used are brioche buns. They were heated in the oven after buttering them for 10 minutes before assembling the burger.

Again, the sauce is what gives the burger its extra kick. I would call it my German sauce, as I borrowed it from the following recipe, which is in German:

Salmon burger Sauce ingredients (as mentioned in recipe above):

100 g cream cheese

1 tsp honey

2 tsp mustard paste

0.5 freshly squeezed lemon juice

chopped fresh dill (amount as per taste)

salt and pepper to taste.

Assembling the burger:

Mix all of the above. Takes just 2 minutes... and Tadaaa! Then you can spread the sauce on the base of the burger bun, place a salad leaf on it, then add the pulled salmon. Top it off with thinly sliced cucumber and place the second half of the burger bun on it. (for a better idea of how to put together this burger, maybe check for the photograph in the German-recipe in link above).

Wishing everyone Happy Homemade Burger Meals!! :) :)
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