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About me: Jaaee 


At the young age of 15, was the first time I traveled abroad on my own. I left my home in Pune, India for 6 weeks and flew to Brazil as an exchange student. Here, I was welcomed with open arms by a loving host family and I joined teenagers from all over the world to visit Foz do Iguacu- the world's widest waterfall. To me, a nerdy teenager from a middle class family, it was a crazy fantasy come to life. On our way back home, the tour organizer arranged a stay over in South Africa - My first country-hop! 


Four years later, I was selected as a part of a famous dance troupe to train and perform in Australia for a month. It wasn't cakewalk, as me and my college professors had the tough job of convincing my parents to let me take the opportunity. (If you have seen 'Bend it like Beckham', you know what I mean ;)).


Following my graduation, I burned the midnight oil to crack the entrance exam of an acclaimed German University - It bore fruit :) I moved to north Germany in the year 2007, to complete my Masters in Molecular Biology. After which I chose to realize my childhood dream of 'directing' and found my way into studying and working in visual media. Well, this is the shortest version of how Germany came to be my new home ;) Since the very first month I landed here, I used my free time to visit and explore hundreds of places in and out of the country. By the time I turned 25, I had traveled to 18 Countries across four continents. Many of which I frequented (there is so much to explore!). The neighboring countries in Europe became my ‘new abroad’. 

Every time I returned with mesmerizing travel photos, innumerable joyous experiences, a few tales of caution and loads of Inspiration. To which, I have often been asked by locals and foreigners alike ''whoaa.. that's in Germany?'' and ''wow! which country (in Europe) is that?'' Most of the places I chose to visit were on the radar of no one I knew. Rarely were (or are) they listed under must see lists online. Their beauty and that of their gratifying local culture stays unparalleled for me. 

Today I launch this blog on 20. Jan 2020, also to help those who aspire to travel. If you are a student, a pensioner or someone with a 9-5 job: I want to give you the inspiration and insights to explore, to relish and to create great memories. I have been there, done that and lived beyond my wildest dreams. So can you.

Greetings from Germany :)

Jaaee Jadhav

I love

to dream/ simplicity/ clarity/ yummy food (and taking pictures of it :))/ invitations/ to celebrate / to dance/ The Secret/ Louise Hay/ psychology/ cycling/ warmth and cosiness/ being offline/ writing postcards/ hot chai & cold coffee :)/ al fresco dining/ sunrises & sunsets/ landscapes/ the feel of sand/ jumping in waves/ to inspire and be inspired




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