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My Travel Style and Aspects of this Blog

What to expect and how to navigate through Destination Germany

My deepest wish is to help you make the best of your vacation on all levels: as a personal experience with culinary delights, breath-taking landscapes, relaxation and security. All this whilst receiving price-value satisfaction.

Germany, because it is home and a land with fascinating cultural and natural diversity. Europe, because it is a treat for the senses.

How I travel

- For me beautiful landscapes and great food are a must.

- When it comes to cities, I adore those that make me feel alive.

- Making exciting iternaries is my thing. But don't use travel guides for that. (more about that coming soon under the section 'Step up to Travel')

- I love to have company and enjoy the local culture, to relax, to explore by walking around and take pictures.

- I tend to meet great people and have an affinity for fascinating stories being a filmmaker.

- Beaches are my one of my loves but i enjoy the mountains as well: specially the Himalayas

- Also, I have mostly traveled with public transport and am well versed with budgeting.

- Being a city girl, I value all those places that resonate with country life.

- I welcome sunny, breezy and cozy accommodations (even better when luxurious, with a view and a lovely location) with open arms.

Expect an Universal Approach

As I spent my teens in India and life as an adult in Germany, I am fluent at bridging between cultures. Also I am aware of the hurdles faced by Asian or international folks when it comes to travel. Due to a middle class up-bringing budgeting and cutting unnecessary costs are second nature to me. Having trekked in the Himalayas with minimal baggage to staying in luxury resorts on islands in Europe, I have developed a 'price-value' approach. It keeps me happy, knowing I choose experiences worth first and foremost my time and then the money.

I regularly receive questions from Indian friends and acquaintances wanting to travel in to Germany and Europe. Even fellow Europeans are surprised about how close the next paradise is to them.

My Recommendations and Inputs

All content expressed on this website comes from my personal experiences. I write here the same information, I would provide a friend with. With the sole aim, that maybe you can use it to positively influence your own experiences.

In daily life, I have a tendency to praise beauty around me and recommend all that I find great. Also I am in the Film-Industry. It works by word of mouth. We pay it forward. I do the same on this blog. Unless I explicitly mention that a particular post is sponsored or that I was requested to review, it is all just me gushing out information and excitement: In order to enable many others to have similarly wonderful or even better experiences. That is why I started this blog.

Please refer to 'Overview' tab in the menu to get a clear outline of topics covered on this blog. Here I have also clustered the articles into sub-categories, to help orientation.

Photo Travel Diary

Consider this blog as self-help on travel. Let it inspire you to choose tried and tested, very recommended experiences. I very much hope 'Destination Germany' will add to and aid your view of and journey to Germany and Europe.

Spontaneity for me is an intrinsic part of travel: even when I have a plan. So my Photo Travel Diary also covers the hows and whys of planning and adjusting alongside the feel of the region, as well as the insiders the locals shared with me on my journeys.

I also hope, my inputs on 'culture' and 'travel' will help solve many of your queries and fears regarded to travelling in general. We are often anxious about that which is unknown to us. Travelling (even internationally) according to me, is just like learning to ride a bicycle. It may not come overnight. But it is not rocket-science. Once you are hooked.. you are hooked.

See you around :)


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