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Sardinia- Day 3- The Eastern Countryside

Photo Travel Diary of the stunningly picturesque 'Posada' and 'Capo Comino,' (in Siniscola, Province of Nuoro) destinations we came across by chance.

It took us just one morning to start looking forward to breakfast and all the stories that were shared at the table. The guests in our neighboring room (a lovely couple) had spent their previous noon at Cala Brandinchi (30 min drive to north of Siniscola). They were all gaga over it. It felt like being in the Caribbean they claimed. Their photos were proof ;) Maybe its a beach for you? Full of tourists and expensive parking. Yet worth every moment of the experience they insisted. We were almost tempted, but today we were to go to a place none of our breakfast buddies had heard of.

Ten minutes after leaving our B&B (in Siniscola), we seemed to have gone through a magic portal into the land of wow. The moment we parked and got out on the first terrace that we came across, we were extra elated. Our intuition from the previous day was spot on: Click here for Sardinia day2

To know where we were and how to get here please (Click here for Travel Diary Day 1) .

Lo behold! Posada when seen from the sea, appears as a mountain whose slopes are draped in a cozy blanket of lovely colorful homes woven densely into it. The fortress Castello della Fava sits majestically on the top. It is so super scenic- every part of it. Whether the drive there or the multiple views on reaching up.

The Slopes were a bit steep. But easy for someone who is used to an hour's walk!
An occasional window had elderly ladies selling tiny packs of sweets.

Very few places feel like you are walking amidst oil paintings. Like moving out of one painting with one step, and entering the other with your next step. This was surely one of them.

Right at the top, are few ruins of the fortress walls. You have no choice but to climb a semi-stable, long ladder in a dark stone tower to get there. When on the last step, you need to push yourself up, palms facing the ground to make it onto the terrace. And then you go like - hello Sardiniaaaaaaaa!!!

On our way down, we explored through the tiny alleys, making our way back to the entrance. Though it was August (peak season), apart from the three tourists at the viewing terrace on top, there was not even a cat in sight.

I had never seen grapes this up close yet! Speaking of edible items and how they feel to the curious tongue, we headed down the mountain for lunch. Closer to the beach of La Caletta (the beach is kilometres long. but it was so full with hundreds of frolicking vacationers, that we hardly made it to the water to see the waves).

Lunch at Laconda Fuffuraju

This restaurant was recommended by a travel guide my friend was carrying. It said excellent food. The moment you reach there, it feels like in the middle of nowhere. Though were very close to the jam-packed streets at the beachfront.

The freshly made Culurgiones (Local delicacy of Sardinian stuffed noodles) with a delicious potato, pecorino and mint filling, melted in the mouth. Can it get better than this? Well, I like to try stuff. So I ordered a Creme Catalan (very similar to a creme Brulee my dear Masterchef viewers ;)) for desert. The first bite I took, made me urge my friend to try it. The moment she put the spoon in her mouth, her eyes rolled up with pleasure. Deep flavor that lights up every cell in your body.

We both gushed, its the best Creme Catalan in the whole world!! A cappuccino would round up our Sardinian meal and we would head to our B&B for a little siesta on this sweaty noon at thirty degree Celsius.

At our B&B Le Grazie, in Siniscola

That eve we headed to check out the insider- tip of one of our B&B Breakfast Buddies. She had said- go to Capo Comino. Its just 15 minutes away.

Capo Comino

(did you manage to find me in the picture above?)

The long stretches of shallow waters, felt like Nature's biggest swimming pool.

Sand dunes everywhere! A bunch of tourists were present on our arrival at 4pm, who happened to leave by 5pm. The sun hat not yet set. Now we had this super serene beach almost completely to ourselves (at the peak of tourist season)!!

Such a refreshing evening!!! As we headed back to our car, the westward sky bore the last glimpses of a silent sunset.

My friend said she felt rejuvenated. I said I felt like jumping around even more after having jumped around in the warm, shallow waters. What we both felt next, was like grabbing gorgeous pizza and lovely white-wine at the secluded Pizzeria La Laterna (which we had discovered on our first night here). Alongside the cheesy chunks of this delightful dinner is when we plotted for tomorrow, a day full of beach hop on some of the most famous beaches on the island.

If you are following our entire Sardinia trip from Day 1, I believe you agree that every day gets more beautiful than the previous? I can hardly wait to show you Day 4! (Click here for Sardina Travel Diary Day 4).
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