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Sardinia Day 5- Cala Luna and Dorgali

The Beach of Cala Luna, Cave of Bue Marino and the town of Dorgali

Our first destination for the day was the beach of 'Cala Luna', located in the region of Gulf of Orosei. To reach there, the easiest and relaxed way is to take a boat from the harbor of 'Cala Gonone', located in the province of Nuoro.

The Boat costed us 35 € to and fro per person in the Summer of 2018. Super expensive for a tiny ride! But it was worth it! As Cala Luna is so much fun! The ticket also includes a trip into an ancient cave. If you are new to my Sardinia Series, let me remind you, that you need a car to get around the Island :) and be patient, in Cala Gonone, you will surely find a place to park within 30 minutes of reaching ;) And yes, we are on the east coast of one of Italy's biggest Islands. For an introduction to the Island, please click here).

On reaching Cala Luna

So dear folks, though any internet descriptions mention 'Cala Luna' as a secluded beach, now you know that you will have more company than you ever imagined possible when out there ;)

The destination is absolutely one of a kind with its many caves. Also the waves here are an absolute highlight. They are so forceful and so huge! So, if you are a fan of jumping on, over or into waves like me, this is your beach. My friend who enjoyed chilling on the sand, whilst I was busy getting swept up in the waters said ''every time a wave crashed on the shore, the screams went from one end of the beach to the other, just like on a roller coaster ride.''

And yes, you can also choose a boat tour that starts from Cala Gonone and covers many more stunning beaches, which is a day trip. We had another agenda for the afternoon, so we chose otherwise.

The next stop of our boat would be the Cave of Bue Marino. We were not allowed to take pictures inside and I am an obidient person :)

They offered a very interesting guided tour in english, where we saw the sweet water sources in the mountains, which encouraged neolithic settlements. The tour lasted about 30 mintues. We walked about a kilometre into the mountain. Huge formations of stalactites and stalagmites laced the entire cave.

After which we headed back to Cala Gonone for a lovely seafood meal. A string of restaurants with terraces over looking the sea awaited us.

At the entrance of the Bue Marino Caves

On reaching Cala Gonone

Our Afternoon would be spent on the slopes of Dorgali.

The town is located in the province of Nuoro. Not too far away from Cala Gonone. A twenty minute drive. We the German tourists, abided by the speed limit signs of 30 kmph in the mountains with extremely steep turns. For which fellow locals in cars bestowed us with many a curses and hooped madly at us. We were left quite confused.

The Town of Dorgali

Italian Coffee anyone?

Dorgali is very charming! With two little shopping streets, a beautiful church perched on a hilltop, tiny roadside cafe's so up close with the roads (that the taxi driver waiting for the signal to turn green can probably read your newspaper with you) and loads to exercise (for we are always going up and down the mountain to move from one street to the next) :)

View from the Church of Dorgali

Come evening, we still had tiny pebbles that were falling out of our clothes and bags now and then (thanks to Cala Luna).

We would now drive back to our stunningly picturesque farm stay (on top of a mountain, surrounded by mountains), before starting on our last adventure in Sardinia ( Click here to check out our farm stay and to follow our trip from day 1 click here).

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While reading this I feel like I´m back on holiday with you. This is a wonderful holiday for my mind. I´m feeling very happy and relaxed now :-)

Jaaee Jadhav
Jaaee Jadhav
Aug 23, 2021
Replying to

oh yes!! one roller coaster of a beach memory eh? :) <3

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