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Hohwacht- Super scenic cycle tour at the Baltic Sea in Germany

Travel from Mid-June 2021

This will stay as one memorable day with fantastic sights and gorgeous panaromas alongside the rustic flair of the German sea side. Here comes my guided Photo tour :)

The Route

I was on holiday with a large group of friends, halting in a tiny village located between the city of Kiel and the island of Fehmarn (State of 'Schelswig Holstein'). Two of my friends and me decided to indulge in a cycle tour along the coast. On my wishlist was to check out a new place, go for a swim and spend the day at the sea side. My friends (avid travelers themselves) incorporated my wishes beautifully in their research and arranged the itinerary for the day. Such a luxury to outsource travel planning in trusted hands :)

We traveled by bus to Lütjenburg (a pretty little town of red brick homes located on hilly slopes), where we rented some top-form bicyles at bike rental Flotte Sprotte (I highly recommend them from personal experience) and rode to the starting point of our selected route, at Haßberg. A total distance of about 30 km along the steep-hilly coast was quite a scenic adventure, so worth the effort we put into it :)

Our Route started at Haßberg:

2. Selhlendorf Strand (Strand= beach), 3. Sehlendörfer Binnensee (lake at Sehlendorf) 4. hochwachter ausguck (sight seeing point) 5. Lippe Hafen (harbor at Lippe) 6. Hochwachter flunder (beach platfrom) 7. Seebrücke Hochwacht (bridge into the sea) 8. Der Fischer von Hochwacht (the monument of fisherman of Hohwacht)

On the way to Haßberg

Lush green fields, views over the 'große Binnensee' (big lake 'Binnensee'), dense green forests, well kept little sea-side villages and their beautiful gardens and the occasional tractor in action made for a soulful route.

Stopover Hohwacht

As you see in the map above, we would cross Hohwacht many more times during the day. The route demanded it.

More about this charming little village and all that you can enliven here will be introduced throughout this post. During each subsequent halt, we would discover a new facet of this holiday destination.

Sehlendörfer Binnensee

Is a 'nature protection' region (point 3 on map above). This reserve is home for a huge number of birds from swans, geese, avocets to eider ducks, all find solace in these untouched surroundings. A sure place of visit for hobby ornithologists.

A special viewing platform with a 360 degree view over the reserve is a great highlight. Here, you have pictures of all the birds you can possibly spot in the surrounding region. To each here, you follow an almost hidden bushy pathway :)

Beach at Sehlendorf

Since the first part of our tour was headed east of Hohwacht and the second part to its west, it was mandatory that we return to Hohwacht. But first we would make a small detour on our way back to check out the sand and the waters at the coast in Sehlendorf :) (point 2 on map)

Lunchtime at Hohwacht

Hohwacht was originally a fisherman's village (point 7 on map). Today it is a beloved destination for beach holidays. Buses travel to Hohwacht from Plön and Lütjenburg. The best way to be moving around the baltic sea coast according to me is to have a car. But buses will save the day as well :)

We opted for 'Flammkuchen' (German pizzas for lunch). And what a fantastic choice the 'maritime' ones it turned out to be: They came topped with fresh cream, dill, shrimps and salmon. yum!
A usual meal at the coast would otherwise include fischbrötchen (sandwiches of fish..must try ;).. specially with baked fish).

Hochwacht Ausguck (Viewing Platform)

Simply breathtaking even on such a cloudy day! I cant even imagine the colors when the sun is shining bright. (point 4 on map above)

Along the Coast

The path was along steep dense green cliffs, lined with the most exuberant looking villas. We unfortunately did not make a 'photo stop' there. Just paddled along in awe of of the surroundings, at times gasping for breath along the slopes, till we reached a restaurant cafe lined with beach baskets. And then we would head further down the coast to reach the harbor of Lippe.

Harbour at Lippe

An idyllic calm harbor with an imbiss :) Tranquil waters and many tiny yachts! (point 5 on the map) My highlight though was the almost hidden beach right behind it!

Beach at Lippe

I let the pictures do the talking :) :) After a snack of choco chip cookies and soaking in the fresh breeze, we would dust off the sand and put our almost cold feet back into our shoes. Then head back to Hohwacht in search of a beach with more sand and less of pebbles. Because going for a swim was still on our checklist ;)


And then we found the beach of choice finally!! At the northern coast of Hohwacht (point 7 on map), we would muster up the courage to run into the almost freezing waters of the baltic sea and jump around, just to experience the salty waters on our skin and feel the infinity of the sea all around us. What pleasure!!

Every moment of the return journey felt super warm after that ice cold dip. Back to Lütjenburg to return the bikes and then with the bus back to our beach house.

It has been quite a cool and cloudy summer this year. For my next baltic sea visit, I wish for loads of sunshine and warm waters, whilst I reminisce on this wonderful sightseeing filled day :) :)

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