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Atlantis Hotel - Kos, Greece

4 Star Resort Review

My stay at Atlantis Hotel

May 2019 was my first time in Greece and a solo trip of 6 nights and 7 days.

For my tour I had the following prerequisites: live in or close to Kos Town (so that I can use buses from Kos to get around), an all-inclusive meals (don't want to cook on vacation), beachfront, swimming pool would be great and a 4 or 5 star place to stay ( to add some luxury to my trip). My checklist was fulfilled by a deal (range 400-500€ p.p. with flight, hotel and all inclusive meals) I found on the website 'Urlaubsguru'. I took the flight from Berlin.

As the hotel stay was a central part of my vacation, it was crucial that it be good. It turned out to be great. Here's why:


I say superb because:

  • It is located on the outskirts of Kos Town. The Town center is about 30 minutes on foot. Its a nice walk, where you pass different cafes, a few restaurants and bars, a really good supermarket: Constantin, and some homes.

  • There is a direct bus to city center every hour or two costing about 1.50 €, which reaches in 3-4 minutes. The tickets to which you can buy at a discount at the hotel reception. From the Inter-town Bus Stop in Kos (another 10-15 minutes walk) you can take Buses to all over the Island.

  • Atlantis has its own beach and its beautiful.

  • I had a shuttle service as part of my package for transport to-fro airport.

Hotel at Daytime

On the first and 5th day I simply stayed back at the hotel to chill, to enjoy the swimming pools, swim in the sea, relish ice-cream cones under my sun-umbrella and sip cocktails on the lounge terrace. And am glad I did. What fun! There were quite some guests from Germany (overheard the people passing by).

Hotel Beach

The hotel Beach, is a 600m long pebbly beach. If you walk a few minutes to the south, you reach beach bar Mylos. And as you see, I often found times to have the beach almost all to myself. What a bonus!


Mentioning this at the very start as it was a huge highlight for my entire trip. An English breakfast of beans, scrambled egg and toast, freshly prepared pancakes, yummy cakes, cereal, fruits, dry fruits and coffee was a great start for each day.

The lunch and dinner buffets were extensive. Every noon and evening had different preparations of fresh fish and chicken. Both of which I love. Loads of veggies and salads and over ten local desserts to choose from. Finger-licking good. Oh it was so well prepared and so amazingly flavored, that I would revisit this hotel just to experience their food all over again.

They also have a Terrace attached to the dining hall. That's where I spent an hour every morning, noon and eve (as my deal was all-inclusive). Savouring every bite and sip.

The swimming pool has an extra snack bar with local delicacies, ice-cream and even a gyros roll at lunch time.


I had a balcony overlooking the sea and the islands. So I could watch multiple sunsets over the island Pserimos before dinner time. That was a cherished experience.

My room had all essentials and was comfortable but was quite simple for a 4 Star facility. Also it was in the main building of the hotel and here the rooms were quite thin walled. So when the couple in the neighboring room was having a fight or watching T.V., it was quite loud. Otherwise just fine.

Watching Sunset from my room-balcony

Hotel at Night

One of my favorite activities post dinner was strolling around the hotel premises and the beach. The sound of the sea and the beautiful premises were alluring.

Other Facilities and Advantages

  • There is a cycle and Motorbike rental at the gate of the hotel.

  • Regional tour offices: Tigaki (is the one I used), that arrange for tours to nearby islands are also located next to the cycle store. They were very friendly. And yes, they pick you up at the hotel for your tour. That's a super service. (for further Info please check my Travel Diaries on Kos. coming up).

  • The supermarket Constantin is just a 10 minute walk. I did all my gift shopping there as well.

Entertainment offered by the hotel

  • They have daily programs for Kids.

  • They gave each guest a 15 minute Massage Voucher. It was quite a relish!

  • There is even daily singing and dancing at the pool. I think there was Yoga too.

  • One night there was a traditional dance programm, which was so well performed. Me and other guests joined them too.

The sun rose from the sea. I realized that on the very last day.. when I went by chance to meditate on the hotel beach. What a sight!

That's me meditating. Just a few hours before my flight home.


Really good Price-Value hotel, very enthusiastic, young and kind staff, great food (will go there just for that), excellent location, a very good variety of entertainment program, pleasant ambiance and superb premises. It made my vacation.

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